2022 in Overview: Testing Winners and Losers

With the inflow of electrical automobiles come many new quirks, together with that the said horsepower figures, which are sometimes impressively massive (the higher to beat the automobiles’ huge curb weights), are sometimes fleeting and do not imply what they do in internal-combustion land. Evaluate, for instance, the Audi e-tron GT, whose 522 mixed horsepower propel it to an 11.9-second quarter-mile at 119 mph, with the 751-hp Mercedes-AMG EQS, which is however a half-second faster and no sooner after 1320 ft of placing foot to the ground. Positive, the Benz is heavier, however the power-to-weight ratio suggests it must be a few half-second swifter by way of the quarter-mile. To 130 mph, the 2 are inside a tenth of one another, the AMG’s additional 229 horses yielding it virtually bupkis.

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